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Blocks. The last personal task organiser you’ll ever need.
The perfect tool for the checklist-lover who juggles multiple tasks in the air at any given time. Quickly organise your tasks across multiple groups and schedule them with ease; all while clearly seeing what needs to get done.
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Boost personal productivity

We've got you covered with the tools you need to stay on top of things
Get checklists out of your head and into blocks
Arrange tasks into groups and simply drag & drop them around to organise your days, weeks and months.
Begin building your routines
For things that you may need to do more than once or even regularly, conveniently schedule your tasks to repeat.
Stackable tasks keeping you up to date
Unfinished tasks automatically get pushed to the next day so you can keep up with what was missed and get back on track.
Capture your future tasks for later
Blocks is all about focusing on the present, but you can also add your future tasks into your backlog and bring them into view whenever you're ready.
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